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  • Dr. Noa Agmon

    Leading The Future of Unmanned Systems

  • Dr. Arie Gruzman

    Novel Approaches in Medicinal Chemistry

  • Prof. Avi Zadok

    Faculty of Engineering

  • Prof. Alex Fish

    Designing the next generation of microchips

DNA Nano-Robots will Revolutionize Medicine

Arthur C. Clarke famously said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”     Bar Ilan University researcher Dr. Ido…
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Higher Resolution With Ultra-Thin Endoscope

Lights, Camera, Action “A growing number of thera-nostic MI (minimally-invasive) procedures are performed routinely worldwide in areas of the body which have…
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And Now It’s The GondaThon

Do you frequently find yourself falling asleep at the wheel? There could be an app that can analyze your brain waves in…
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